Stage Decks & Accessory Rentals

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Stage Decks, Carts & Bundles

Stage Steps w/Rails

Telescoping Legs / Fixed Legs

Stage Skirting

*Rental Rate Calculations & details

AVStagepro rentals are a great way to tryout an instrument before you commit to purchase. Our rental fee’s are some of the lowest in the market and the way we calculate the fee is by adding the ADFR (Average daily finance rate) which is typically 1.5% of an items value with 1.5% of the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for a total rental fee of just 3% (cv – combined value) of the value of equipment you are wanting to rent.

Our Daily Rate rentals are  3% (cv) – Weekly Rate is 9% (cv) – Monthly rate is 18% (cv)-

No finance commitments – No long term contracts – When you’re done simply return the gear in good condition and find the next item you want to tryout.

You also have options to purchase, lease or rent again on any item we stock. Our weekly rates are typically priced at 3x the daily rates and our monthly rentals are priced at 9x the daily rates.  That means no commitments and no hits to your credit rating.  You make a deposit on the gear or provide an insurance form that covers damages or loss (Typically free from your insurance provider) and you get the gear after signing off on the rental agreement. It’s really that simple.

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