* No Insurance charge or security deposits required when AVSS staff will set up & operate the equipment.

We do events and so much more.

We offer the very latest in venue support equipment, lighting design, staging & truss, rigging & professional audio / visual services

AVSS provides access to that professional level of services to each and every live performance, corporate / business meeting, private and municipal event. Our services include pro-audio, sound re-enforcement applications, lighting and staging / rigging solutions, event management & design services as well as rentals services & supplies within each of the fields.

From your local bar to the national tour stage, everyone knows that a concert is more than just playing music. It’s the performance, the sights, the sounds, the stage, the props, the audience, the video, the production work, the coordination between roadies, bandmates, performers, musicians, managers, producers, audio & video programmers and the staff needed to set it all into motion.

We are event planners and setup geniuses.

Our professional insights and technical acumen have led us into expanding our services to include event planning and support services for parties, weddings, design layout and even offering support services for facility and event add-ons. AVSS is your partner for making your event work. We are the ones who focus on all of the behind-the-scene  details while you focus on making your event memorable.  Artistic Erudition at its finest.

Services – No job is too small for our pros.

Our in-house installation technicians are here to work with your team to setup either short-term or permanent installs for most of your professional audio/visual, live sound, staging or graphics needs.

We are more than just a rental house. Our areas of specialty include:

  • Lighting – Selecting the right fixtures for your room.
  • Sound Reinforcement. – Make sure you aren’t overpowering your audience. The quickest way to a bad event is using poor quality audio.
  • Video projection and LED Video Walls. Upscale resolution, Lumens, Image aspect rationing, Field Rendering, Upscale, Downscale  – Parlez-vous français? Don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered.

From diagramming lighting- plots through rigging/ installs, DMX runs, & power cabling to ensure proper energy requirements.

Setup and operation, we carry and operate the following systems:

From ground based active/powered Turbosound center column powered speakers or Bose series F systems with dual subs and directional modules through a selection of JBL tripod  mounted audio systems, these three ground based systems are perfect for live events where sound reinforcement is a must. Typically designed for smaller crowds of up between 50 – 500 people,  AVSS can bring in, setup and operate this typical system far more reasonably than you would ever believe. Give us a call (866) 649-6999 and get a free quote on just how much you can save by going direct to source. Whether a party, a prom event, a live DJ or just sound reinforcement for a corporate speaker, these all-in-one systems sound amazing and add a layer of audio-excellence to your event.

Our passive  – PA (Power Amplified)  driven audio systems are either ground rigged or hoisted into the air (flown is the industry term) from truss mounts or fixed installation that are hoisted into place. Passive line arrays are specialized, directionally targeted,  power amplified driven audio cabinets that are designed to output audio into specific patterns to provide coverage for your audience and can be setup in a number of configurations to offer maximum coverage. AVSS specializes in designing the best system for any given room, hall or theater.  AVSS currently stocks 16 x Turbosound TLX 84s That is 2  x 8 sided line arrays & 4 x Turbosound TLX215L ground-based subs. All driven by Lab Gruppen PLM12K44s 12KWatt PA’s as well as QSC & Behringer rounding out another 23,000 watts of amplification. Check out our groupings specials to find a preconfigured bundle that fits your needs.

  • Power Distribution

We have access to the experts in portable power distribution equipment. Whether you need a (ee) or GE, we are your source to qualified and licensed technicians at every stage of your production. In rentals, we stock LEX Products 100, 300 & 600 amp distribution systems, cable management systems, 5 pin terminal plugs/tails, walkover ramps, distro-boxes including Edison X 24 and Cal style (Nema) twist lock connections,  cable systems and boxes rated at 30 AMPs and 60 Amps.  We can also calculate  power requirements based upon your fixtures, supply amps, for your live sound systems and other accessories.

  • Staging & Rigging

AVSS offers  industries leading manufacturers of stage decking, used in over 70% of all education facilities K-12 and Beyond.  Too many times, we’ve all seen unprofessional rental houses  pass off faulty equipment as reliable, or outright broken or damaged gear as working. AVSS provides safety inspections on every piece of gear every time its checked in or out to make sure it meets its designated mechanical specification. Thats critical to safety and is just the right thing to do.  AVSS currently offer Wenger Stagetek stage decking and currently stock over 60 decks 8’X4’ with up to 20 decks available at any given time, Guaranteed.

  • Slinging and supporting our truss assemblies

AVSS trussing systems are built using industry standard F34 Aluminum Square truss. We stock up to 16’ runs (Single Piece) 3 meter, 2.5 meter, 8 foot, 1.5 meter, 4 foot and 12” corner Blocks (6 way) and truss lifts from 2’ through 28’ as well as a manual and electric hoist system on four or six points up to 1 ton per hoist.

AVSS uses poly bound steel-core trussing slings that support up to 5000 KG loads per sling which are well above the truss load ratings and can be affixed to ceiling heights exceeding stand alone stage assemblies.

  • Video & Projection

Corporate presentations span a large array of projection capabilities. AVSS meets these requirements and more by carrying a large inventory of smaller 2500 lumen, medium 4 to 5k lumens and larger 8K through 12 K Lumen projections systems from Epson, Sony, NEC, Barco, Christie  and others. Available for most of your event or presentation needs with entry level rates starting at just 30.00 a day.

  • High-Resolution Video Wall

AVSS has an in-house 20 panel 1.5 meter video wall and router to provide you a  5 (w) x 4 (h) 3.9mm video wall system that is fully rigged with a video operator. The company is an authorized dealer and can bring in an array of up to 180 panels for any given event with enough advanced notice. IP30 Rated for Indoor or IP 65 rated for outdoor. Talk to your sales representative to inquire about having one of these systems quoted for your next event.

  • Repair & Service

Our in-house repair technicians are here to inspect and repair a wide variety of theatrical equipment. We can diagnose and repair your ailing equipment, even if it wasn’t purchased from us.

  • Field Service

Our service technicians will come to you to assist in solving any problem you might have with your lighting, audio or theatre rigging system. Rigging inspections are also available. Contact us at support@avstagepros.com to schedule an appointment or call our 24-hour emergency field service number at (913) 274-9300.

  • Venue add-ons

We have countless relationships through our Parent Company Wowww, Inc to bring the latest offerings into the Midwest. We are always looking for value that we can bring to our client base. Call us to see what we can do for you.

From short-term rentals,  supplemental fulfillment or permanent installations, AVSS delivers.

AVSS stocks the following rental equipment

  • Lighting Consoles and LD (Lighting Design) Services.
  • Pro-Audio rentals including DSP processing, mixing, ground-rigged or flyable line-array.
  • Fog and Haze Machines from small to touring
  • Pixel Mapping Video Walls and Media Servers 
  • LED / LCD Screen Kits with complete rigging and scaleability.
  • Truss, Stage and Rigging components including chains, connectors, scissor lifts, Diesel Power Generators up to 50 KWH
  • Audio Speakers and Amplification Packages for Corporate, Wedding, Bar, Nightclub, Outdoor community events.
  • Mixing Console and Rack accessories
  • DAW Rigs for concert performances
  • Lighting fixtures Rental and Installation
  • DJ Gear
  • Musical Equipment
  • Backline Rentals
  • Laser Site Surveying Equipment
  • And so much more!

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