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We have tripled out M32 IP inventory and now offer up to three M32 IP boards, bundled with either the DL251 Stage rack to expand the total number of IO, or the DL32 or DL16, depending on the size of your I/O requirements.

MIDAS M32R-Live and M32IP-Live for real-time live track real-time mix, editing and recording capabilities.

One of the few Companies nationally selected to bring you the next generation of consoles from the folks at MusicTribe/Midas. We are very excited to be able to offer the newest boards the M32Live and M32R Live from Midas, a name that has been part of the industry since it all began. From AcDc, Muse and Pink Floyd, Billy Idol and so many more, these consoles have the tools to take your sound to the next level. Call us when you are ready to sound great. (913) 544-7426


The staff here at AVSS and Wowww, Inc are excited to tell you that we’ve recently added a Midas PRO2 tour system to our production lineup. This is a significant upgrade to our front of house production equipment with the sonically upgraded capabilities of this platform. Inquire today about booking and scheduling this amazing platform and watch your sonic productions improve dramatically.

This board has the same sonic capabilities at the much larger ProX Series without the clutter of too many faders, sliders and components. They run the exact same sound engines and are the second most demanded sound boards in the industry, right behind the Venue boards running nearly triple the cost. For an opportunity to hear what this platform can do, call us to inquire about booking it for your next production.

This PRO2 MIDAS package is made up of a Midas PRO2 surface, DL251 stage rack, Klark Teknik DN9650 Network Bridge and a Digigrid MGB MADI interface. The DL251 stage rack allows for 48 inputs and 16 outputs to be connected to the surface using the AES50 protocol.

Midas PRO2 Surface

The Midas PRO2 surface is capable of handling 64 input channels and 27 mix busses. All of that is processed at a sample rate of 96kHz. The surface also boasts 8 VCA groups and 6 POPulation groups for greater control of groups of channels across multiple layers. There is enough processing power to host up to 28 digital graphic equalizers or up to 6 multi-channel effects processors. The on board graphic equalizers are individually assignable to processing paths and are based on Klark Teknik’s legendary DN370 equalizer. Effect engines available include reverbs, delays, dynamic processing and equalization. All of these effects are modeled on industry standard analogue products

The 15″ full color screen in the center of the console gives the engineer access to the console’s parameters, even in the brightest sunlight. Midas’s Mixtender application (available for iPad from the App Store) allows engineers to take control of key functions to anywhere in the room. This allows for engineers to listen to the mix in various locations, while the console stays discreetly located behind the scenery. The surface is furnished with six ports supporting network connectivity over 100Mb ethernet (layer one) to an AES50 digital audio network.

Midas DL251 Rack

The Midas DL251 rack device provides remote I/O connectivity for any AES50 network in a compact 5U enclosure. The unit features 48 of Midas’s award-winning microphone pre-amps, each capable of supplying phantom power. in addition there are 16 line level outputs. Once digitized, audio sources are available on the SuperMAC (AES50 compliant) network featuring N+1 cable redundancy. Using copper CAT5E cables, the DL251 can be located up to 100m away from the control surface. ML Executives supplies a 90m multicore system with this package as standard. This is made up of ether-con, power and analogue audio cables.

For Smaller events, we have now added two additional Midas M32IP Surfaces as well bringing our rental inventory up to three units. These can be paired with our MIDAS Stagebox DL32 for a total of 64 Channels of mix separated into front of house as well as stage-side mixes. For demanding customers of your venue, we also now stock the Midas M32C Rackmount that offers the same number of channels as the M32 IP but is a rack mounted solution that allows for individual mixing of each monitor through the use of an iPad.

SHURE Axient Wireless Digital – Interference Free Broadcast.

We have recently made a significant investment by adding Shure’s Axient Digital AD series wireless systems into our rental stock. Due to the 600 MHz spectrum licensing wrap-up, we’ve added a complete 2 and 4 channel AXient Digital system rack mount,  operating in the 470 – 616 MHz frequencies  including the body pack transmitters, headsets, instrument transmitters, chrome and black AD2/KD9 and AD2/B58 Handheld Transmitters, along with a SPC211004 AD610 Showlink Access Point to effectively double your transmission distance, quad antennas and stands. That brings our capability to 6 channels or interference free broadcast.

Do you have a custom requirement? Call us first and we will make it happen. Whether its 6 channels or 18, a dozen transmitters or more, we can get it and bring it to your event on time.

Axient Digital series builds on the digital audio transmission found in the ULX-D series, while also incorporating many of the advanced features from the UHF-R and Axient lines.

The Axient Digital series includes one receiver platform and two styles of transmitters: the AD, which shares much of the ULXD feature set, and the ADX, which are more closely related to the capabilities of Axient analog.  One of the main innovations of the Axient Digital series is that all components (transmitters and receivers) operate in a single frequency band that encompasses the entire usable UHF range from 470 to 616 MHz.  From a rental standpoint, this means that every Axient Digital component can be adapted to any location and is easily scalable to any application.

Axient Digital receivers come in dual and quad configurations, and feature true digital diversity per channel, networked control capabilities, and antenna pass through.  Each channel features analog XLR and TRS outputs as well as AES and Dante digital output options.  Network jacks are configurable to work as a network switch or for redundant Dante outputs.  The AD4Q quad receiver also features a Quadversity option where four antennas can be assigned to a single channel for greater coverage and signal quality.

AD transmitters can operate in standard and high-density mode, in which up to 47 channels can fit in a single 6 MHz TV band.  The AD2 handhelds are compatible with all Shure wireless microphone capsules and AD1 bodypacks come with either TA4F or LEMO3 connections.  The form- factor of the AD transmitter series is similar to the ULXD/QLXD series, and all are compatible to work with standard AA batteries or Shure’s rechargeable SB900A solution.

The ADX transmitters feature interference protection, advanced rechargeability and ShowLink remote control for real-time parameter adjustments.  The ADX lineup will also feature a micro-bodypack transmitter and a frequency-diversity handheld that transmits RF signal on two discrete carriers.  Thanks to the designed scalability of the Axient Digital series, all of these transmitters can be integrated directly with the AD4 receivers and can be combined seamlessly into larger systems along with AD series transmitters.

Axient Digital’s wide tuning range and spectrally efficient digital transmission make the series a flexible and easy-to-use tool that is highly capable of handling the ever-changing RF environment. Wireless system rentals from Wowww, Inc including Shure’s Axient Digital is custom configured, tested as a full system, and provided with a frequency coordination specific to your location and equipment.  For more information about adding Shure’s Axient Digital wireless system to your next rental, please contact our rental team at 866-649-6999 or