* No Insurance charge or security deposits required when AVSS staff will set up & operate the equipment.

Denon Professional Active Lectern

The active Lectern is a platform for multi-media presentations thus making it perfect for hotels, churches, conference rooms or convention centers. Because it’s an all-in-one unit, it comes loaded with myriad of features and convenience. Think of the active Lectern as more of a platform designed to make your presentation better. It eliminates the need for tripod stands, external speakers or mixers, further reducing connection cables. With the Denon active Lectern you’re always in control because it’s portability and ease-of-use.

Powerful Audio to Clearly Project Your Sound

Think of it more like a presentation platform. It’s an audio presentation system that’s capable of covering large spaces with detailed, intelligible sound. The technology behind the active Lectern includes Denon Professional’s years of audio engineering excellence. The base incorporates a 200W peak amplifier driving four rugged 5 ¼-inch woofers and a horn-loaded high-frequency driver. This built-in technology ensures your audience hears every word and note of your presentation. A distortion-limiting circuit keeps the sound clean and clear at all times. The simple-to-operate 2-channel mixer allows you to select and combine different signal sources like a pro.

Shure GLX-D 124R (Suggested addition)

The Shure GLX-D 124R is a Wireless Lapel/Headset, Body Pack Transmitter and rack-mount receiver system. They can be plugged directly in to the Denon Lectern’s 100 Watt Amp input, thus allowing for the freedom of movement on-stage. Note: You can only use the Transmitter or Lapel MIC at-one-time.

JBL EON615 (Suggested addition)

The new JBL  EON600 is a great sounding speaker design that’s been optimized for ideal acoustic resonance.  The JBL EON16’s will cover a bigger audience, in a larger room when you need the support sound. Affordable does not mean incapable. JBL is a recognized leader in sound-reenforcement and is one of the most used for live sound applications.

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