Insurance Policy

* No Insurance charge or security deposits required when AVSS staff handles and operates our equipment.


Insurance is required for all rental items where CLIENT is operating equipment on their own.  These insurances or deposits  are NOT required where AVSS staff will set up & operate the equipment. There are additional fee’s to cover the people required to effectively manage your production requirements. Any such fee’s fee’s will be billed separately from your equipment rental agreement. 

We have put together the following policies to cover potential loss from unforeseen issues that can happen from time to time.

If the value of the equipment you are renting is between:  $0 – $2500
        •  Credit Card on File w/Personal Guarantee

If the value of the equipment you are renting is between:  $2500 – $5000
        •  Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card w/Personal Guarantee OR
        •  A COI – Certificate Of Insurance  

If the value of the equipment you are renting is between $5000+ or Vintage Items

        •   Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card OR
        •   Certificate Of Insurance 

CREDIT CARD on FILE w/Personal Guarantee:
Your credit card details will be kept on file in the event of loss, damage, or late return.  A personal guarantee is also required, listing the client as personally responsible for all damages and outstanding balances, which can then be collected through Civil proceedings.  The prevailing party shall have the right to collect from the other party its reasonable costs and necessary disbursements and attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing this Agreement.

“reasonable costs” refer to filing fees, fees for serving the summons, complaint, and other court papers, fees to pay a court reporter to transcribe depositions (pretrial interviews of witnesses) and in-court testimony, and, if a jury is involved, to pay the daily stipend of jurors

We will need the FULL Replacement Value of the equipment charged to a credit card, or a cash deposit.  After your rental has been returned, and all equipment tested and verified, the deposit will be released.

Our company must be listed as LOSS PAYEE.  This is a certificate issued by your insurance company.  You will need to contact them for assistance.  If you do not have insurance, we will require the full replacement value of the rented equipment to be placed on file as a security deposit.  This can be satisfied with a credit card or a money order as listed in FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE above.

We do not offer our own in-house insurance, but if you are an LLC or Corporation, we have underwriters who can offer you a policy for your rental term for a small fee. Call us today so we can put you in touch with these agents. Charging fee’s to consumers for referrals to Insurance agents is unethical and in many states, Illegal.. Be wary of companies who try to do so.

Regardless of the deductible on your own policy, we require a $2500 deductible on all rentals valued over $5000 in addition to our deposit/insurance requirements.  The insurance deductible covers all damages/loss/theft up to $2500.  Anything greater, will be submitted to your insurance company as a claim, up to the maximum allowed on the policy, as listed on the Certificate Of Insurance or COI.  Any additional amounts not covered, are billed to the billing entity on File, or Credit Card on File.  Deductibles are refunded within 48 hours after the equipment has been returned and tested. 

Please issue certificate to / Loss Payee:
Wowww Inc.
5251 West 116th Place Suite: 200
Leawood, KS 66211
T: 866.649.6999

For any job requiring an AVSS employee, the hourly rate is 60.00 Labour and 90.00 Specialty. Per man hour. No exceptions.

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