Business Client Rentals (Insured)

No Insurance charge or security deposits required when AVSS staff will set up & operate the equipment.

When you need top-of-the line gear for temporary use for your gig, whether its a DJ Set, Live Performance, Public or Private Party, Corporate Event, or live music production,  AVSS offers two different rental options/programs for you. 

For our bBusiness clients and for certain high dollar value items, we require an insurance policy that include a series of forms to be filled and stamped by your active Insurance company representative. Our COI’s or (Certificates of Insurance) are standard ACORD forms that are standardized documents, used by insurance agents and insurance companies throughout the United States to provide protection against unforeseen accidents or mishaps and can usually be done for a very small fee. This enables our clients to get access to very high dollar value items, without having to pay larger deposits.

Call us today (913) 544-7426 and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

For consumer Rentals, or to get the gear without an insurance underwriter, you may be required to pay a deposit and sign a rental agreement, up to the full replacement value of the item you would like to rent. Any fee’s, damages or claims such as conversion, theft, damage or overages will be paid from this deposit. If the items are returned on time and in the same condition as they were provided, you will get your security deposit back, usually within one business day of the returned item.  Email us or Call us today (913) 544-7426 for any questions or help to get started.

Additional Information for deposit based rentals can be found by  Clicking Here

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