Contracts and Insurance forms

* No Insurance charge or security deposits required when AVSS staff will set up & operate the equipment.

We make it easy to rent from us.

We have three different programs to make getting the gear simple.  (913) 544-7426 Call-Us today to inquire!

  1.  If you would like to rent an item as an  individual, we simply ask that you bring a deposit in the full amount of the retail value of the Item you would like to check out. At the end of your rental period, once your item is returned in the same condition it was checked out to you in, you’ll get your deposit minus any fees, charges or expenses incurred.
  2. If you are checking out a larger / expensive item, we can point you into the direction of a qualified Insurance carrier that can write you a policy for the period of time you would like to rent an item. We do require a deposit to be placed on file for the unforeseen mishaps that can happen. There are several pieces of information that you will need to provide either your Insurance provider, or one we can set you up with. Call us today (913) 544-7426  to learn more about getting a policy written for these items.
  3. Finally, you can hire us for the setup, operation and takedown/removal of any gear we offer in the catalogue. The only additional cost is an employee hourly rate that puts our staff on-site to work through any potential questions about the setup, installation or operation of any of the items you need. It pays to have an expert available for your needs. In some cases, there may be additional staff required to get your production or event off the ground. Call us today to have us put together a free quote on what you can expect for your event.

Pricing and Availability – Quoting

Business Rentals (Insured Contract Rentals)

Our Standard Rental Policy

Rental Insurance Requirements

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