Hire a portable bar to compliment live events, corporate meetings, festivals, wedding, parties, performing events, or brand identity rollouts and promotions.

AVSS is introducing a new modular bar setup to its event service division. In partnership with several leading providers of beverage service equipment. August 2019,  Kansas City event planners will now have access to a customizable, short-term bar solution, available for most event spaces to provide their clients with an endless variety of beverages, smoothies, mixed cocktails, custom tapped beers and juices.

AVSS works with event managers, private party & wedding planners to create a tailored custom bar setup to best serve their clients needs. There are several advantages to using AVSS managed solutions, some of which include brand rollout or in-field identity promotional packaging through the use of  custom vinyl bar wraps that can be affixed to the front panels of the bar, and optional short-throw projection of a brand, logo projection and LED lighting to give a high-technology look to any space. This solution is perfect for live events, corporate meetings, festivals, wedding, parties, performing events, or brand identity rollouts and promotions, local sporting event or lobby concierge beverage service for patrons. These are just a few of the endless number of possibilities that you can take advantege of when you bring the bar to your party.

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Here’s how it works:

Free consultation: We can help  by helping you find the right solution your event needs.

  1. We work with you to select the segments you need to create the perfect setup for your space and your guests.
  2. You can optionally select add-ons such as water tanks, ice bins, keg taps and beverage flash chillers depending on what your serving.
  3. Select drink ware options in tumble safe plastic or glass stems or glass tumblers for what kind of beverages you’ll want to serve.
  4. Select optional appliances like a soft serve ice cream maker, margarita maker, juice dispenser & slushy machines.
  5. You can bring your own servers, bar back and bartender or call us to work with one of our licensed professional partners.
  6. Choose from a wide selection of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages as well as a large variety of craft beers.
  7. Schedule delivery and let us know where to set it up and pick it up. We set it up, break it down and do all of the cleaning.

Pricing varies and several predesigned packages are ready for delivery starting August 10th. Call today to schedule a consult (913) 274-9300

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