We make getting that gear easy through our short-term rental program. Give us a call (913)274-9300 for questions or to just say hello!

The AVSP / AVStagepros Story

Wowww, Inc  was formed in the spring of 2012  offering production services and the rental of a large variety of audio, visual, staging, musical instruments and automated lighting fixtures and controllers through  an online site called avstagepros.com.  AVSP provides pro-level equipment and services that include the setup and operation of lighting, audio, stage, truss, & rigging equipment setup and teardown as well as a number of other specialties. AVSP regularly update its inventory to provide high-quality, newer gear, allowing its customers to focus on the more important things. Call Us.  We’ve got you covered.

We have recently added the following items to our event rental packages to provide aggressive pricing for rentals and  services related to Corporate events, Weddings, Parties and many other areas.

Know that we  are here for you, every step of the way.

AVSP offers the  Best Price Guaranty on each and every one of our products. Now offering up to 30 Stage Segments.

Permits package from blueprint to production. AVSP has commisioned several architect-stamped designs for use, when your project needs a municipal permit pulled for inspection.

Wholesale Rental-and Service House that provides access to cutting edge, top brand items, at an affordable price. Rentals / Rates / Specs provide access to our complete and growing inventory list.  The gear is checked for both cosmetic and functionality and is guaranteed to perform at the manufacturers spec.  We take pride in the level of quality and performance of the equipment we offer and will always stand behind the gear we rent. Give us a call today for information about our services or equipment.(913) 274-9300

The staff at AVSP are here to help by providing  those missing pieces at a fraction of the price of new gear**

** AVSP typically charges  up to 10% daily off your rental items suggested retail price. The daily rental rate includes 12 hours setup and 12 hours return with a full 24 Hours usage time frame. The weekly rental rate is never more than a 3 day charge total. That’s 4 free days on our weekly rates which come in handy for larger scale setups.  Just a few of the reasons short-term rentals with AVSP are better:

  • No more maintenance fee’s or contracts
  • No more storage costs
  • No more aging technologies causing a major loss of revenue
  • Cutting edge technologies at a fraction of the price of new
  • Great inventory of clean and newer equipment for a professional looking event
  • Professional setup and teardown can be included in most projects

As a strategic partner, the AVSP team is here to provide logistic support for every aspect of your clients show. The team offers expertise for a large number of  services including permits and scheduling Inspections, Sound & lighting,  Projection Gear & Services, Event Audio and Lighting Programming, Rigging, Truss, Stage rentals and installation services.  From helping you design your event, through it’s staging, setup, operation and removal. Just call.  The AVSP staff is well versed in the many areas of event related services to provide tips, advice, equipment and guidance to help make your event a success.  (913) 274-9300

AVSP is dedicated to providing  its clients access to cutting edge technologies as well as the collective insight & experience to make client projects trouble free.

AVSP provides procurement services, design, license and permitting along with its in-house rentals of major audio-visual, stage, rigging and lighting gear to its clients throughout the central and intercostal United States markets. Safe solutions, big and small. We always have your safety in mind whether you’re needing a simple setup through the most complex rigging solution, our design partners and municipal inspectors are there to provide you with the piece of mind you need so your focus can remain on your audience!

The Company represents positivity and enthusiasm at its finest. With a passion and excitement for what the possibilities can be, and experience to deliver that vision in both professionalism and creativity, allow us to re-introduce you to those trusted words of YES, we can. 

We have nothing less than 5 star reviews from each and every one of the biggest names in the Kansas City Market that we’ve had the privilege of working with.

Chances are if you’ve been to a major meeting space, a mall function, Crown Center’s Legoland or the Kansas City Aquarium or one of several dozen other events locally, you’ve seen our gear, our services, our commitment to helping Kansas City become a truly competitive leader in live performance and events.

Give us a call (913) 274-9300 or send a quick message to mike@avstagepros.com so we can help you get started on your project