It’s more than just gear –

AVSS offering the latest tech in lighting design, staging, rigging & professional audio services.

From your parents garage to the national tour-stage, everyone knows that a concert is more than just the music performance.  A concert isn’t just about the music! It’s the performance, the sights, the sounds, the stage, the props, the audience, the video, the production work, the coordination between roadies, bandmates, performers, musicians, managers, producers, audio & video programmers and the staff needed to set it all into motion. It is truly a series of carefully planned steps that are carried out by individuals with professionalism at the very heart of what they are doing all in a choreographed, stringent, time based performance, working in concert with all of its other parts. 

AVSS provides access to that professional level of services to each and every live performance, corporate / business meeting, private and municipal event. Our services include pro-audio, sound re-enforcement applications, lighting and staging / rigging solutions, event management & design services as well as rentals services & supplies within each of the fields.

Our rentals include a  great selection of Clay Paky, Martin Lighting, ROBE,  Barco Systems, GLP,  Blizzard Lighting, HES, Elation Professional movers and others, A large selection of Par 64 Tins through Par32 and par 16’s, Source 4’s 750 Watt Black Ellipsoidal Leko’s at 36° or 26°, 19°, 14°, 10°, ColorSource and Architectural Lighting.

AVSS stocks the full line of C1, W1, C2, W2 Shapeshifter’s, no longer just for major rock concerts, we can deliver them and can offer to pair them with a Hog4 Road Console pre-programmed for use in the party, corporate event or a DJ production that will knock the socks off of any size event.

AVSS  represents a number of brands to our customers including High-End, ETC, Barco, Blizzard Lighting, Elation Professional and are adding numerous others to our offerings to provide you with an amazing list of great gear to give your next event the wowww factor you’ve been searching for.

As part of the Wowww, Inc group of companies, we are an Authorized Dealer to more than 100 Major Brands of entertainment, pro audio, professional video, lighting and musical gear, working in concert with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to make sure its customers gain access to the top-brands in the performing arts, event and production environments.

Put in perspective, AVSS brings procurement to next level though it’s multiple channel  relationships. Thats over 2.3 Million products or SKU’s that are available for just about anything its customers might need. AVSS offers across the board savings to significantly impact its clients  budget and making your budget stretch farther than ever before.

For hard to find specialized gear, we are your go-to source. 

Call us (913) 544-7426 to inquire about adding some pretty amazing gear to your next event.

From short-term rentals,  supplemental fulfillment or permanent installations, AVSS delivers.

AVSS stocks the following rental 

  • Lighting Consoles and LD (Lighting Design) Services.
  • Pro-Audio rentals including DSP processing, mixing, line-array  both ground-rigged & flyable.
  • Fog and Haze Machines from small to touring
  • Pixel Mapping Video Walls and Media Servers 
  • LED / LCD Screen Kits with complete rigging and scaleability.
  • Truss, Stage and Rigging components including chains, connectors, scissor lifts, Diesel Power Generators up to 50 KWH
  • Audio Speakers and Amplification Packages for Corporate, Wedding, Bar, Nightclub, Outdoor community events.
  • Mixing Console and Rack accessories
  • DAW Rigs for concert performances
  • Lighting fixtures Rental and Installation
  • DJ Gear
  • Musical Equipment
  • Backline Rentals
  • Laser Site Surveying Equipment
  • And so much more!

For a complete list of available rental items feel free to browse by clicking here